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BCPD installs security system

December 2, 2004

The Baldwin City Police Department has some added security.

A new security system was installed in the police department earlier this week.

Police Chief Mike McKenna said the department was able to install the security system with help from the Homeland Security Program.

McKenna said the U.S. Department of Homeland Security allots money each year to all of the 50 states, who then allot money to counties that ask for funding.

"All of the installation, the equipment and the monitors of the system are paid for through the federal funds and are no expense to the citizens of Baldwin City," he said.

The security system, which costs more than $10,000, will allow the police department to be monitored at all times.

"This system will notify us immediately should someone break a window or try to gain access to the building," he said.

The BCPD has not previously had a security system and has relied only on dead-bolt locks, he said. Though it hasn't happened in the past two years, McKenna said, there have been break ins at the department in the past.

"I felt it was imperative for our department to ask for the money for obvious reasons," he said. "Lack of security and officer safety and the safety of our equipment."

The money the department received is from the 2003 allotment from the Homeland Security Program. McKenna said the BCPD has been awarded more than $37,000 for 2004, all of which will also be used for department enhancement.

"I look at this money as a tremendous benefit for both our department and our community," he said. "It enables our organization to get equipment and items we would be unable to budget for."

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