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BHS principals on hand for start of school

Trips to hospital won’t keep Poplin, Jones from school

August 19, 2004

Both Baldwin High School principals are expected to be on hand to start the school year this week, though that didn't always seem like a possibility.

Though two separate incidents sent BHS principal Allen Poplin and assistant principal Bret Jones to the hospital this summer, the two men were expected to be back at school this week.


"There will be administrators," Poplin said. "We're covered."

Earlier this summer, Poplin was taken to the hospital by air ambulance when he fell from a ladder while working on his house. Poplin, who was at the high school Wednesday, said he missed a lot of the summer, but will be back at school off and on for the first few months.

"I'm at school all I can be," he said.

Jones was taken to the hospital by ambulance Monday after experiencing chest pains while at school, according to Supt. James White.

Jones said Wednesday morning that tests, including a full stress test and EKG, didn't show any problems and that he'll be at BHS today for the first day of classes.

"I'm fine. Everything is great," said Jones. "The tests showed absolutely nothing. The heart looks fine. I stayed home (Wednesday) because you don't get much sleep in the hospital. That's all.

"We'll start full bore tomorrow," he said about the first full day of school today. "I'll be there."

Poplin will probably be doing a lot of work from home for the first few months, according to White. Until he is back full time, White said Jones would be covering Poplin's duties at school.

"(Poplin) has a lot of healing to do," White said. "We probably ought not to look for him much before the first of the year."

If needed, he said, Joe Gresnick, assistant principal at the Baldwin Junior High School and former BHS principal, would also be able to assist at the high school.

But White said he didn't expect any problems to arise at the high school as the administrators recovered.

"One of the nice things about a smaller school, is that when there are difficulties, people feel very comfortable pitching in and helping," he said. "So I really don't expect there to be any difficulties.

"We'll look forward to school starting as near normal as possible."

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