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District’s budget similar to last year

August 12, 2004

The Baldwin School District's budget for 2004-2005 looks very similar to this past year's -- tight. The district won't see any extras or unnecessary increases in the upcoming year's budget, in part because the state hasn't increased its funding per pupil for a fourth year in a row.

"I want everyone to know up front, this budget is going to be really tight," Supt. James White said.


The Baldwin Board of Education approved the upcoming school year's budget of $7.5 million with a mill levy of 54.6. That's down just slightly from this year's $7.53 million budget with 54.7 mills.

White told the board the district will receive $3,863 per student in state funding, an amount that has remained fixed for four years.

White said the district had anticipated an increase in student enrollment for the upcoming school year -- 1,300 students, up from this year's 1,276. But he told the board Monday he wasn't confident the district's enrollment would reach 1,300, which would mean the district would have less money to work with in the budget.

He said the enrollment was set at 1,300 because the district had received numerous calls over the summer from families with children moving into the district. But preliminary enrollment numbers, he said, seem to indicate the district might not reach 1,300 students.

"But we still have students enrolling," he said. "We still have some time to meet that 13 hundred."

The district has spent the last year discussing and reviewing ways to cut items and increase costs and user fees to help the schools operate under the same budget for 2004-2005.

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