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Book challenges rare

September 17, 2003

The recent concern raised over a book being used as instructional material in the Baldwin High School is a rare occurrence.

In fact, Supt. James White has never dealt with anyone challenging instructional or media material in the school.

"This is the first time in my four years here that I've had a concern raised about curricular material," White said.

But he doesn't think the debate over Robert Cormier's "We All Fall Down" is the first time the district has come across the issue of challenged materials.

"Most policies come from issues of this nature," he said.

The district does have a policy dealing with challenged materials found under the selection of instructional and media materials section, which was last amended in February 1998.

The board policy specifically addresses how challenged library and media center materials will be handled, but is not clear when the challenged material is instructional or classroom material.

Curriculum Director Connie Wehmeyer said the policy probably needs to be changed to include a process dealing with challenged instructional material.

"There are some gray areas in board policy the board needs to address," she said.

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