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Stop signs installed at 11th and Elm

September 10, 2003

There's a new four-way stop at the intersection of 11th and Elm streets after the signs were installed Thursday in an effort to make it safer for children heading to the new Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center.

"We need to slow the vehicle traffic down because that's an uninterrupted street," said Mike McKenna, Baldwin police chief. "The stop signs will be there to make people come to a complete stop.

"It's all a safety issue," McKenna said. "We've had so many kids on bicycles almost get hit there."

Motorists were having trouble getting used to the stop signs last week on 11th St. The road has always lent itself to a high rate of speed. That's been the problem since the new elementary school was built east of it.

This week, additional signage was to be added around the intersection.

"There will be additional signs warning of a cross walk ahead and the stop signs," he said. "We want to increase awareness in that area. In the meantime, we have increased patrols there."

McKenna stopped short of saying officers wouldn't be issuing tickets for running the signs while people adjust.

"I don't tell officers whether or not to write a ticket," he said. "That's only a call that the officer can make."

He also said it's likely there will be additional stop signs installed along the route to the school.

"Now that we've install the stop signs at 11th and Elm, we've had calls wanting signs at 10th and Elm," McKenna said.

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