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Letter to the editor

September 10, 2003

To the editor:

What a disappointment. My husband and I were just plain tired last night and decided to treat ourselves to dinner out. We were craving pizza.

We went to the local pizza joint first. Walked in, picked the one semi-clean table from the 5 or more that were empty but unbussed and tried to determine what to order. We were one of only three occupied tables. The whole dirty-table thing turned me off. I HATE dirty dishes in front of me after I eat and I certainly don't find them attractive sitting on empty tables in a restaurant.

We decided to go to the "franchise" quality pizza joint and try our luck there. Okay...if the first one was discouraging, this was down-right repelling. Again, there were at least 6 empty tables, all unbussed and no one greeted us at the counter. We waited for about 2 minutes and then simply called a cheerful good-bye as we left. No one came out to see what had transpired. We gave up after that.

Is this really what we should expect? I simply don't remember seeing this much apathy toward appearances in the majority of restaurants I frequent. Guess it's all the more reason to just stay at home and hit up the Schwans man.

Annie France

Baldwin City

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