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City council eyes vicious dog control

September 3, 2003

A light agenda allowed for most of Tuesday's Baldwin City Council meeting to be spent on a proposal for the control of vicious dogs.

Douglas County has passed a resolution which outlines control measures for vicious dogs. However, Douglas County Commissioner Charles Jones explained that it wouldn't work without the cooperation of all cities in the county. Jones also outlined the problem in general.

"We have had a spate of vicious dog related problems in Douglas County," said Jones. It turns out we know these dogs, but we don't do anything about it until after it's too late."

A task force was formed to look into the problem and it came up with the recommendations that the county now has in place.

"The county has put together a resolution, but we need all of the cities in the county to sign off on it," he said. "We can't enforce it without the cooperation of other cities."

He said there are about 25 known vicious dogs in the county, which are used for fighting, intimidation and interference.

"We're not talking about a large universe of dogs," said Jones.

The county's goal is to have all vicious dogs out of the county within two years. A vicious dog is defined as: one that kills a human; inflicts severe injury upon a human; has been trained or used to fight; poses a substantial threat to lawful property entry by public workers; and possess vicious temperament and life threatening physical characteristics.

Jones said there are exceptional circumstances allowed by the resolution. He also said that most of the vicious dog owners are involved in criminal activities, such as drugs and gambling.

The resolution prohibits ownership of vicious dogs in the county; provides for impoundment and euthenization of vicious dogs; and imposes jail time, fines and restrictions on owners of vicious dogs. The penalties for ownership of such dogs begins with $500 fines and up to 90 day jail sentences and increases on each subsequent conviction.

The council took the matter under advisement.

"We have a first and second reading on ordinances, but I don't think anyone would be opposed to this," said Mayor Ken Hayes.

In other business, the council approved unanimously:

  • A contract for the FireTree Lift Station to Cutting Edge Excavating and Trucking, with a low bid of $94,021.
  • For the city administrator to enter a lease-purchase agreement with Baldwin State Bank for the purchase of a fire truck. BSB offered an interest rate of 3.85 percent for payments over 11 years on the $149,395 truck.
  • Selected Council member Nancy Brown and City Administrator Jeff Dingman as voting delegates to represent the city at the League of Kansas Municipalities convention in Topeka on Oct. 11-14.

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