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Involvement is important on issues

October 29, 2003

Well, the Baldwin Board of Education reversed the "book" decision again Monday. No, that's not a bad thing.

Obviously, the major decision here is taking a good, hard look at the whole policy, not just Robert Cormier's "We All Fall Down," which caused this whole uproar. That's good.

If anything, it was too quick of a decision in the very beginning of this debacle that has kept it at the forefront of the news for too long. If the policy that was in place then, and is back in place now with one notable "tweak," would have been used, we wouldn't be having this discussion still today.

There's no doubt in my mind that this whole situation will get worked out. The board has decided to take its time and do it right. Again, that's good.

Judging by another well-attended board meeting Monday, this has certainly got everyone's attention on what goes on there. That's another good thing. Community involvement with all issues is important, not just with the school board, though.

Let's hope we've all learned something from this. Get involved and stay involved if you want to make a difference.

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  • The book issue has certainly brought a rebirth to the letters to the editor section. That's what we're here for and we love to see it.

The opinions expressed have been good ones. We've heard plenty of comments about several individual letters. It's been interesting to watch and read. It's continuing this week with a letter taking exception to one last week.

The Signal has had a long-standing tradition of reader reaction. It tends to come and go, unfortunately, but it's certainly back now and we hope it lasts. Hashing out the issues is important.

Of course we like comic relief, too, and that's evident by two other letters this week. I've meant to welcome Gerard Arantowicz aboard for weeks as our editorial cartoonist, but because of letters I haven't had a column for awhile.

Arantowicz has been a very welcome addition. He's also brought plenty of reaction. Of course, it didn't hurt that he stepped in about the time the whole book mess was in full force. That certainly got everyone's attention.

I've had the pleasure of getting to know him better over the last few months. He's a great guy and we appreciate his contributions to the Signal.

I also got a chuckle out of the Ballad letter. Thanks for the update.

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  • Thankfully, Maple Leaf has come and gone for another year. It's absolutely the premier event for Baldwin City, but it certainly doesn't just happen. Once again, festival organizers and volunteers made the annual celebration one to remember. Of course, the weather didn't hurt, either.

I experienced a new side of Maple Leaf for me. I helped construct, dismantle and occasional stop by a craft booth. I always knew that the booths were a very integral part of the festival, but I had no idea what work goes into it.

There was plenty of that going on Saturday morning with the record number of booths on hand. The best idea of the weekend, though, was the Vinland PTO's breakfast and lunch delivery to the booths. They did so well they sold out the first day. Booth workers are kind of stuck, so that was a real help.

Of course, there are always of different "stories" that develop from every Maple Leaf. We had lots of changes this year and they went well. They make you take for granted the mainstays, such as the Ballad. The new and the old are always important to Maple Leaf, but mostly it's hundreds of Baldwin volunteers that make it work. Everyone did a great job, again.

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