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BJHS seasons make football future bright

November 26, 2003

By Jeff Myrick

Baldwin City Signal Editor

As Baldwin's football program continues its steady improvement, there's no better sign than what's going on at Baldwin Junior High School. Both the seventh and eighth grade teams went unbeaten this year.

It's easy to see that Baldwin High School football coach Mike Berg will benefit from what's coming up the pipeline, especially after he's taken the last two BHS teams to the state playoffs.

Berg is especially anxious to see what next year's freshmen will offer. After all, that group has had an amazing run, going unbeaten for three straight years.

"The eighth grade team has experienced so much success, going undefeated for the past three years, that it would be easy for them to become complacent and get the mentality that they will win simply because of who they are," said Chad Scoby, who was BJHS head coach this year for the first time. "But the remarkable thing about this group is they don't care what they have done in the past. They always work hard and prepare for the next challenge as if they have something to prove."

Scoby pointed to several standouts on the team: Chase Abel, tailback and linebacker; the offensive line of Luke Weaver, Beau Elder, Jacob Enick, Jesse Green and Anthony Ciambrone; Kevin Callahan, fullback and linebacker; and Jared Dykes, slot back and strong safety.

As for the seventh grade, he pointed to Alan Callahan, fullback and linebacker; Sam Beecher, tailback and linebacker; Carson Wood, guard and defensive end; and Andy Thurlow and Tye Gordon, who he called "two of the toughest kids we have on the team."

There are two statistics that Scoby points to sum up what the teams accomplished this year.

"The seventh and eighth graders both went 7-0," he said to start. "One of the most amazing stats is that both teams combined only had one touchdown scored on them all year. The seven grade scored a total of 236 points and the eighth grade scored a total of 365 points. Combined, that's a total score of 601-6."

He thinks the future looks bright for Baldwin football.

"Both of these teams are amazing," said Scoby. "They have been a pleasure to coach and they will be fun to watch in the future. If they continue to work hard, they will decide how good they want to be. I'm really proud of these players and what they accomplished this year. I hope they realize that they are part of something special."

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