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Letter to the editor

November 5, 2003

To the editor:

Today is just one of those days you truly love to be a part of a community like Baldwin City. You open the paper and celebrate with all the teams their success. What a Saturday Nov. 1 was. Tons of folks from our community traveled to Wamego to watch the boys and girls defend their State Championship titles in cross country. You contemplate the hours and hours and miles and miles of time spent running and training for this very day. And when you see their effort after they have completely spent themselves on the course, you have tears in your eyes, knowing everything they have worked so hard for is all worth it.

Then after an emotional few hours at the cross country state meet, you hop in your car, head to Salina and embrace the amazing year the Lady Bulldogs volleyball team has had. The fans file into Bi-Centennial Center to watch these ladies pour themselves out in the semi-finals and the finals of the 4A State Championships. Sitting on the edge of your chair watching these ladies compete and experience this type of success in their young lives only reinforces when you have a goal and work so very hard for it, then dreams do come true. Every Bulldog fan who was there watched as the ladies took the second place trophy. There were feelings of sadness not winning it all, but how many teams can say, "We took second place in the entire state." Second place was not what the Lady Bulldogs wanted, but the overwhelming joy of just being in the title game was a feat in itself. It's the start of a program and a system every young lady who plays volleyball in the future for the Bulldogs can truly look forward to.

As I reflect on the victories and seasons at hand, I can only say the teams' hard work and success come from coaches, who not only put in long hours, but are able to get the kids to believe in themselves and also believe in what they are teaching them. Then at that point, the kids begin to take ownership in knowing, if they do certain things and follow certain guidelines, they can indeed be successful. I want to also congratulate the parents. Without their support and the job they do at home, none of this is truly possible. It is a total team effort, from the home, to the practices, to the victories or defeats. These are the things that each athlete, coach, parent or even spectator can embrace to make our lives more fulfilling today than they were yesterday.

Mike Everett

Baldwin City

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