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BHS recognizes drug awareness week with activities

November 5, 2003

Red proved to be a popular color last week at Baldwin High School.

The entire week marked the annual Kansas Red Ribbon Campaign, a statewide drug prevention program.

Several schools in the Baldwin district -- as well as schools across the state -- recognized the drug awareness week with red ribbons, often tied around trees or vehicle antennas.

But BHS did more than just distribute red ribbons. Tim Keogh, WRAP (working to recognize alternative possibilities) social worker, said a number of activities were planned throughout the week to help educate students about drug prevention by making it fun and interesting.

"We definitely caught people's attention more," Keogh said. "It made it more enjoyable for them."

He said students were given the opportunity to sign pledge cards, which promised a drug-free life, as well as certificates of life encouraging them not to drink and drive.

"This gave them options," he said. "They had something tangible to keep with them to remind them of their choices."

Also included in the week's activities was a performance by the Kelley Hunt Band Thursday.

The local blues band performed for students for about an hour, but also took time to talk with students about following their goals.

"And they talked about the importance of living a drug-free life," Keogh said.

The community, he said, even got a chance to participate in red ribbon week activities Thursday evening at the high school football game. The high school, with the help of DCCCA and Citizens for a Drug Conscious Baldwin, handed out free hot dogs and red ribbons to those attending the football game.

"It shows how important we think it is not only to the students but to the community," Keogh said.

Involving the community in red ribbon week activities, he said, will hopefully show the importance of working together to educate students throughout the year about drug prevention.

"You can't expect it all to be summed up in one week," he said. "Instead we need to continue the education and awareness.

"It's important to get involved to show the kids they have the support from the community."

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