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Signs to showcase community qualities

May 28, 2003

Downtown Baldwin will be looking a little different thanks to a couple of new signs from the Maple Leaf Festival signage committee.

The two signs, which feature not only the Maple Leaf Festival, but other attractions of the Baldwin community as well, will be displayed year round in the downtown area.

"We would like to emphasize qualities about the community, not just the Maple Leaf Festival," Sandy Cardens, festival signage committee member, said. "We want to promote the whole community."

Annie France, festival signage committee member, said there was a need for new signs promoting Baldwin's attractions.

"Overall, the signage committee is trying to achieve better signage than what we have," France said. "We feel like signage is getting more and more important."

One of the committee's new signs is already on display on the east side of Gregg Bruce Auto and Truck, 601 High St. The sign has actually been finished since before the Maple Leaf Festival last October, and was actually on display during the festival, but delays kept the sign from being hung until a couple of weeks ago.

Cardens said there are still plans to have the sign, which features important aspects of the festival like the maple leaves, quilts, music, drama and Midland Railway, become part of the mural.

"There will be a mural, maple trees and a landscape, on the wall itself," she said.

Completing the sign at the corner of Sixth and High streets, France said, was a community effort, which makes it more unique to Baldwin.

"It wasn't just the Maple Leaf Festival committee," she said. "It was the Arts Council, it was Baker University, it was the local businesses.

"The sign on the side of the building is really special because of what it represents," she said.

The signage committee isn't stopping with one sign downtown, though.

The committee hopes to have a new Maple Leaf Festival sign erected along High Street next to the former lumberyard by June.

"This will replace the old Maple Leaf Festival sign downtown on the vacant lot next to the lumberyard," Cardens said. "It was a lovely sign when it was new, but it definitely needs to be updated."

Unlike the current Maple Leaf Festival sign that's there now, the new sign will also feature a number of Baldwin attractions like Baker University, Art Walks, historical sites and the community theater.

"We want to incorporate the entire community," France said.

The signage committee is also planning to create signs to help with navigation and safety that will be used specifically during the Maple Leaf Festival, she said.

"The festival just keeps growing," she said. "There are certain attractions that aren't getting the kind of attention they should because everything is so overwhelming."

France said the committee would like feedback from the public on the new signs and ideas for signs for the Maple Leaf Festival.

"We'd like to hear what they think," she said.

Comments and suggestions can be e-mailed to France at

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