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Confusion created by annual BHS graduation ceremonies

May 14, 2003

As graduation looms for Baldwin High School's Class of 2003, there have been questions about the when and where of Saturday's pomp and circumstance.

So, once and for all, here it is for the record:

"It's at noon, Saturday the 17th and the junior high gym," said Bret Jones, BHS assistant principal. "You can take that to the bank."

There has been a great deal of confusion regarding graduation because of several reasons. One is the School District calendar has had it wrong all year. Second were problems with graduation announcements. Third was the School District newsletter this month sent out with the same incorrect information on it.

"The original calendar had it at 11 a.m. at Baker," said Jones. "We had some requests from parents to move it because there were conflicts with graduation at Kansas State that same day and we honored those requests.

"To add more confusion to it, the district calendar came out this month with the wrong information again," he said.

As for the announcements, they had the wrong date (Sunday), but had the correct time and place. But, because of the confusion, many announcements were sent out with corrections, that weren't really correct.

As for the place, it was decided in September that because of renovation at Baker University's Liston Stadium that there wouldn't be room for graduation. That switch, to the Baldwin Junior High School gym, was made then.

One last time, here's the correct graduation information -- it's at noon, Saturday, at the BJHS gym. Those that show up at Baker at 11 a.m. Saturday will have plenty of time to make one last correction to the confusion. Those that show Sunday will be out of luck.

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