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BHS golfers stormed out

May 14, 2003

On Thursday, the Baldwin High School varsity golfers went to Perry for what the Bulldogs thought would be just another meet, but got a little more than they bargained for. The competition ended up being cut short, and the team raced home to beat the weather.

They even ended up spending the evening at coach David Theis' house to stay out of harm's way -- harm" being the destructive tornado that hit Lawrence and was in line to hit Baldwin and Eudora.

"Thursday was very disappointing. That was the tournament that I shot a 75 at last year and I was on pace to do better than that, so that kind of bummed me out a little," said senior Julian Fisher. "But staying at Theis' house was pretty interesting. We had to get in his stair well."

The team then gathered themselves to play at the Anderson County Invitational Tournament on Saturday. They were a little disappointed after this one as well, placing eighth and shooting a total of 361.

"I played the worst round of golf of my life and the wind didn't help any. We had a 45 mph wind that carried the ball all different directions," said senior Wayne Sage. "I'm looking forward to playing really good at regionals in Ottawa on the 19th."

Fisher shot the lowest on the team, with an 86, and placed 22nd over all.

"I give Saturday a D-minus. The wind was a very big factor in my bad round, but I didn't play very well either so it was a bad combination of both," said Fisher.

He was followed by Derek Couch who shot an 89 and got 32nd over all. Junior Ryan Niehoff shot 92, placing 38th, and junior Ben Elder hit a 94 and got 44th. Seniors Sage and Justin Goff shot a 95 and 97, placing 45th and 52, respectively.

The team's next match up will be regionals on Monday in Ottawa.

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