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High school newspaper won’t be cut from budget

May 7, 2003

When Diane Wagner heard the Baldwin High School newspaper was going to be cut next year, she wasn't happy.

In fact, Wagner, who has a son in the BHS journalism class, had even discussed paying part of the $2,100 needed to publish the paper out of her own pocket, just to make sure the program wasn't cut.

"It's important for the school," Wagner said about the newspaper. "I can't even imagine a school not having one."

She won't have to imagine BHS not having a student newspaper, at least not next year, because Supt. James White said it hasn't been cut.

"That's not really on the table," he said.

But it was on the budget cuts list distributed at the district's public forum last week. A number of items were listed as possible cuts, among them the newspaper.

But White said the newspaper shouldn't have been on the budget cuts list.

"That was a misprint," he said. "Having that on the list was inaccurate data."

He said cutting the newspaper had been discussed last year when the district lost the funding on the grant, which paid for the publishing of the newspaper.

"After some discussion, we decided it was worthwhile," he said.

But there has been no talk of cutting the newspaper for next year, he said, which pleases Wagner.

"I think it's really important, not only for the kids in journalism, but for the school as a whole," she said. "The paper brings the student body together."

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