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Letters to the editor

June 25, 2003

To the editor:

KDOT's initial preference was to build the new U.S. Highway 59 one mile east of the existing road. KDOT changed its mind and, instead, has decided to build the highway 300 feet east of the existing road. I am baffled by KDOT's decision, which I believe is not supported by the $500,000 Environmental Impact Statement.

KDOT's chosen alignment will displace many more homes and businesses, and cost $12.4 million more, than the rejected alignment. In these hard times, when the State has even considered selling the turnpike, KDOT has chosen a route that will cost more and displace more people.

KDOT says the chosen alignment will offload more traffic from existing U.S. 59. In my opinion after reviewing KDOT's traffic counts, the rejected alignment offloads a comparable number of cars. In fact, at points both north and south of Sand Creek Road, KDOT's chosen alignment will leave 900 more cars per day on old 59 (as compared to that which the rejected alignment would leave on old 59) This difference is considerably greater than at any point where the rejected alignment leaves more cars on old 59. The FHA's Record of Decision states that the rejected alignment would carry more traffic, including additional traffic from Baldwin City. Thus, KDOT has chosen an alignment that will not be as beneficial to Baldwin and that, overall, will provide less service at a much higher cost. I do not understand why Governor Sebelius has allowed this decision to go forward.

Patricia Brady

Baldwin City

To the editor:

I was a little concerned when I learned about all the bicycle racers coming to Baldwin last weekend. Since my office is open on Saturday mornings, there was some concern about patient accessibility.

All the racers I encountered were very polite and caused no problems. I would welcome their return.

Jim Borgeson, D.C.

Baldwin City

To the editor:

We would like to thank everyone that made the Third Annual Trevor's Tournament a big success again. Thanks to the sponsors: Baldwin Athletic Club, Mid-America Bank, Hilco Mortgage, The Baldwin State Bank, Dr. Kevin Hughes, C. Designs Floral and Garden, Santa Fe Market, The Lodge, Heritage Tractor, Hair and Nail Company, Baldwin City TrueCare Pharmacy, Vintage Park Assisted Living, Vintage Park Community Care Home Health, Baldwin Care Center Nursing Home, Joanna's Tanning, Pizza Hut, Walt's Pizza, Tires and More, Baldwin City Signal, Baldwin City Recreation Commission, Rodrock Chiropractic, Brown Construction, Callahan Liquor, Rochester's NAPA, Citizens For Baldwin City, Knights of Columbus No. 11853, Baldwin High Honor Society, The Baldwin City Pool, The Haines Family, Kevin and Jackie Craig, Kurt and Bert Jackson, Karen Madl, Andrew Madl and Dana Rockers. Thanks also to all the teams and the umpires that made the day great. Congratulations to the winning teams: Santa Fe Market (First place), Chicken Legs and Thunder Thighs (Second place) and The Ball Busters (Third place). Our MVPs were Tiffany Madl (The Rehabilitators) and Rob Cleavinger (Chicken Legs and Thunder Thighs).

When Trevor passed away, we promised ourselves that we would do something to keep him alive in our hearts and honor him every year. The tournament raises money for a scholarship to educate upcoming medical students about Krabbe Disease. Each applicant has to do research on Krabbe Disease and then submit an application.

Bill and Michelle Leeker

Baldwin City

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