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Get involved with community project

June 18, 2003

There's a public meeting tonight that should be of interest to the entire Baldwin City Community. It's about a project designed to turn the now vacant lumberyard downtown into a Community Arts Center.

The meeting is at 7 tonight at the Baldwin City Public Library. The project has been initiated by the Baldwin Community Arts Council, but many other groups are involved. The idea is to get the Baldwin City Recreation Commission, the Baldwin City Community Theatre and any other groups together for a project that will be good for everyone.

Plans are still in the initial stages, but the center is being eyed as a place for all of Baldwin's famed arts people to have access to. That's painting, that's theatre, that's music, that's everything.

Even if you're not involved in any of the arts, revitalizing a piece of Baldwin's downtown history should be plenty enough of a draw to get involved.

Let's all get behind this one. It has something for everyone.

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