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July 30, 2003

Every year about this time I'm reminded of one of my all-time favorite headlines from early in my career. It read "Hot, dry, that was July."

Boy, isn't that the truth. It seems the older I get, the less I can take the heat. I had been doing so much better this year for some reason, though.

That ended during the last week. I admit, I over did it in the heat Thursday and Friday evenings and then again on Saturday and Sunday. I did way too much work in that heat. It finally hit me on Sunday. I just couldn't go anymore.

Monday was a little better, but I still wasn't back up to speed. Then about 4 p.m. Monday I started feeling better. I continued to take it easier than usual and stayed in the air conditioning the best I could. Plus, it was cooler.

Tuesday I was finally fully back among the living. I intend to stay that way. No more strenuous activities in the heat. I hope I've learned my lesson.

I did take comfort in several other people being in the same boat. The heat just isn't anything to mess with -- no matter how old you are. Stay cool.

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  • But, if it's the end of July, the Vinland Fair can't be too far away. That makes it all worth while. I took in the fair in its entirety last year and it was great. If you haven't tried it before, please do. You'll be glad you did.

This year's version is Aug. 7-9 at the Vinland Fairgrounds. There are family fun events throughout and more good food than you can possibly eat. Details on the fair can be found in the story on page 3.

It's a step back in time when fairs were nothing but rural living. Don't go to the Vinland Fair expecting a carnival or car races or anything like that. It's all non-commercial and it's all a lot of fun.

See you at the fair.

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  • Also, if it's the end of July, the "Bulldog Bash" can't be far behind either. The "Bash" has become a mainstay in the Baldwin City community since its inception three years ago to raise the money to start football at Baldwin Junior High School.

A group of people were charged with raising $15,000 to get the program started and they hatched the idea of the "Bash." What a great success. Not only was that money raised, but the "Bash" has been used to continue to raise money for the entire school district, not just football.

The "Bash" is hailed as the city's largest tail-gate party and that's what it is. It's an event full of fun and food prior to the opening game of the Baldwin High School football season. This year's "Bash" will be a little later than usual, Sept. 12, which is the home opener against Paola.

The best news out of the "Bash" this year is that Baker basketball coach Rick Weaver is again at the helm. He swore last year was his last "Bash." I told him no way. When he walked in the door sporting a new goatee Friday with his usual "Bash" columns, I said I told you so.

There is no better fund-raiser in Baldwin in Weaver or the "Bash." It has truly brought the entire community together and it's always a joy to experience. This year's version will be no different, but you'll have to wait awhile before Weaver's wonderful columns start. They scheduled to begin in the Signal Aug. 20.

I'm sure you're like me, I can't wait. Well, actually, I can read them early. I read the first and, believe me, he hasn't lost a beat. This is your first heads-up for the "Bash." It'll be here before you know it.

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  • Like most everyone else in Baldwin, I've been befuddled by the phone outages lately. I still haven't been able to get a solid answer to what happened on several occasions.

I've heard several different versions, including the usual phone lines cut. Still nothing official, though. I've become used to those over the years, but what was different this time around was cell phone service was lost, too. I can't figure that one. If anyone really knows what happened, give me a call.

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  • One last weather note and it has nothing to do with heat. It was during a storm during the first part of July when we saw something we'd never seen before.

We were headed to Lawrence for a late dinner after the hay was finally all put up. We were driving north on County Road 1057 when lightning struck a tree just to the west of the road.

The shower of sparks and just the overall experience was awesome. I was just glad it was a little to the west. And, no, there wasn't enough rain from that storm to talk about either.

Maybe August will be cooler and wetter, but I doubt it.

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