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A great community event

July 23, 2003

With temperatures in the 100s Friday, I wasn't too sure what kind of turnout there would be for Art Walk, which was featuring two of my favorites -- the community band concert and ice cream social.

As it turned out, I was amazed. There was a good crowd on hand for all of the events. There were plenty of brave souls that weren't going to let a little hot weather take away from one of the truly good community events of the summer.

Art Walk always brings people out to view the offerings of the legion of talented artists Baldwin can boast about. But the community band and ice cream social always make it even more special. It's one of those "small town" events that always makes you feel good about calling Baldwin City home.

I always get a kick out of the band. It's always a wide-ranging group, age wise, who obviously love to play music. For many of them, the older ones, it's one of the few times they get to play in front of an audience. Blending in those that are younger gives the band a real community flavor.

Although they do have some practices before the concert, it certainly isn't a group that spends hours at it. Despite that, they always play some great music. This year was no exception. There's a variety of music, too, and it's always a crowd pleaser. Will Cooper, as usual, directed the band and he gets the biggest part of the credit. He always does a super job.

The ice cream social is just as popular, too. With the temperatures what they were, there's nothing better than cold ice cream to help take the edge off. This year Arrowhead Hardware donated the ice cream for the event and Gary and Robbie Lamoreux deserve the big thank you this time around.

Numerous artists had their wares displayed on the streets and in several businesses. The displays at the businesses -- Espress Yourself, Hedges Real Estate and the Signal -- are still available for viewing.

It was a great summer evening all the way around. The next Art Walk will be the third Friday in August, followed by the finale in September. If you haven't tried them yet, don't miss it.

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  • I'm sure everyone was as surprised as I was at how quickly the two old water towers came down last week, especially the elevated tower downtown. I would have guessed it would take at least a week to dismantle those monstrosities, but they took about a day apiece. That's amazing.

It's also certainly changed the skyline, especially downtown. That water tower had been there since 1953, so it had been a part of Baldwin for 50 years. That's amazing, too.

The events brought out tons of spectators and photographers. We've never had as many people offer pictures of an event to the Signal. They were all good pictures and we appreciated seeing them.

Let's hope the new water towers are around for as long.

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  • The Signal is still seeking nominations for people who our readers think deserve recognition for what they do for the community. We're also still taking suggestions for the name for the new feature.

We're calling it the "good guy award" right now, but we'd love to have another name. There have been several names suggested and several people have been nominated, but we need more -- lots more.

Nominations and suggestions should be sent to the Signal, P.O. Box 970, Baldwin City, KS, 66006, dropped by at 703 High St., FAXed to (785) 594-7084, called in at (785) 594-7080 or e-mailed to

Make a difference for someone who deserves it, make a nomination.

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