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All about those ‘good guys’

July 9, 2003

There isn't always a lot of good news and that's one of the reasons the Signal is starting a new feature which will honor residents who make a difference in our community.

We're taking nominations from our readers for who they think deserve to be recognized. We're also taking suggestions on what to call the feature. Ideas so far are Baldwin City Lights, Good Guy Award and Baldwin City Champion.

Nominations and suggestions can be dropped off or sent to the Signal at 703 High St., P.O. Box 970, Baldwin City, KS, 66006, sent by FAX at (785) 594-7084 or e-mail to If you'd prefer to make a phone call, the number is (785) 594-7080.

Nominations should be limited to 250 words or less, but should explain why the person is being nominated. The nominations will be the basis of the story that's used to honor the "good guy" or whatever it turns out to be.

Community minded and individual good deeds both big and small will be recognized. The person's name who makes the nomination will also be used in the story.

Additional details on the feature will be announced based on the response from readers. Sponsorship of the awards is also possible. Any questions should be directed to the addresses or numbers listed.

The response so far has been very interesting. I'm not going to mention who all has been nominated, but I can certainly attest that they're deserving of the award. This is something for readers to get involved with in making choices. I know numerous people that I would nominate, but I'm going to stay away from that.

Here's your chance, folks, to praise that person you've always wanted to that makes Baldwin City a great place to live.

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  • There are several people involved with a new project downtown that certainly might get a nomination or two. You've probably noticed the new flower planters that are on every corner in downtown Baldwin. They've added a real nice touch.

The Beautification Committee, not surprisingly, is behind the effort. The planters currently in place are temporary. Longer-lasting and better planters have been ordered and will replace them.

Sandy Cardens, Sally Nixon and Stacy Cohen are members of the Beautification Committee that's making this happen. T.J. Curry is the one that actually made it happen, though. Curry was downtown Monday morning putting the planters out and watering the flowers. That's going to be a big job for awhile with the heat.

But, it sure is nice to have a nice splash of color on the corners downtown.

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  • The Fourth of July is a favorite holiday of mine. It's also one of the things I like most about Baldwin City. The American flags that are distributed every year to every house is one of Baldwin's best traditions.

The flag crew was at it again this year and it was good to see. I always watch the flags close and it was interesting to see this year that they had gold balls on the top of the flag instead of the usual "pointy" adornment. Not that it matters, but I thought it was interesting.

Krystal Williams of Hedges Real Estate started the effort in the early '90s. She said there wasn't a reason for the change on the flag tops.

"That's just what we got," Williams said.

Other sponsors of that effort besides Hedges are Baldwin State Bank, Mid-America Bank, American Family Insurance and Kansas State Bank. JoAnne Arnold provided breakfast for the crew that puts the flags in yards very early in the morning on the Fourth.

I've also been pleased over the last four years to see the fireworks display tradition return to Baldwin City. In early years, it was quite the show at Baker's Liston Stadium. But in the mid '80s, interest waned and the display was done away with.

Citizens for Baldwin City brought it back four years ago and it continues to get bigger and better. There were plenty of people that made this year's version happen and they deserve plenty of praise.

Hmmmm. Maybe they'd make good "good guy" nominations.

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  • On a personal note, I had a visitor last week to the office that I couldn't believe and he and his wife are Baldwin's newest residents. When I got back from lunch Thursday, there was a note that J. William Clement had stopped by. I couldn't believe it, Bill Clement.

He was my optometrist oh those so many years ago when I started my career in Garden City. He was also one of that city's finest examples of involvement. He's a great person, as is his wife, Judy.

Come to find out, they have moved to a farm just south of Baldwin. Bill has retired, which really makes me feel old, but it puts him closer to two of his boys in Kansas City and other family. We talked about why Baldwin and it was very interesting to hear the process he went through. He went to Baker as a sophomore, so he knew about it. They looked at numerous towns around the area, but Baldwin was perfect.

I know the feeling. Help me welcome the Clements to Baldwin. They are a wonderful addition.

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