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Letter to the editor

July 2, 2003

To the editor,

At last night's school board meeting, bids were discussed and one chosen for the reconfiguration of the Tiger's Den at the Vinland Elementary School (two classrooms and a suite of special education rooms are being built) and putting offices in at the Baldwin Elementary School. More than one-third of the total amount of approximately $58,000 ($17,000) will be used to make the offices at the BES facility because the district offices are being moved into the second floor offices that currently house the principal and office staff. This is general fund money, not money raised by the facility improvement bond.

In addition to this office project, it is my understanding that the

offices at the junior high were also recently moved from their existing location to the new part of the building. I am unsure of the exact figure for this office moving project, but these costs could have been cut and the money used for the Vinland classroom project in whole or in part, perhaps saving the district a few teaching positions. The $17,000 for the BES project is not too far off of the $22,107 salary we were paying a teacher to run the entire elementary art program for the district!

As a business owner, I am confused by the current trend of moving and reconfiguring offices at a time when teaching staff are being laid off.

The last thing on my list of priorities during a budget crunch would be the building of office facilities that already exist!

Amy Albright

Baldwin City

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