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A few short takes

July 2, 2003

Slade Dillon and Letters to the Editor ate my space last week and almost did again. That's OK, I'm all for fireworks, too. But, here are a few short takes to try and get caught up.

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  • When last we left, I had just experienced the joy of tooth removal. I'm very pleased to say that all is well now. The dentist gave me a clean bill of health -- i.e. no "dry socket." That's the big worry after a tooth is yanked out and I figured, with my Friday the 13th luck extended, that I would get to experience that, too.

About the only problems I had for a few days after the removal was an occasional "twinge" when bending over and a bigger "tweak" when trying to grip something. It's amazing how you grit your teeth when tugging something. I learned not to do that.

As a matter of fact, I was sworn by the dentist not to do anything physical the day after surgery. With acres of mowing and weed eating scheduled for that day, it was a bittersweet sentence. Avoiding weed eating made sense and didn't exactly break my heart. Mowing was another matter.

I live to mow. I begged her to be able to do it, noting that it's a riding lawn mower, not a pusher. She said that would be okay then, since I wouldn't be exerting myself. I laughed to myself. She's never seen me mow.

I experienced no problems while mowing, or at least any that I would admit to. Occasionally I do grit my teeth while ducking a tree branch and I was reminded of that several times. I just started smiling instead.

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  • Although I really don't need reminders of how much older I am, I got another this weekend after water skiing for the first time in 10 years. Of course I was showing off for two 20-year-old females who were trying it unsuccessfully for the first time.

I thought I'd show them how easy it is. I did, surprisingly enough. But I also quickly realized once up why I hadn't done it for so long. I don't pretend to be an expert skier and it's always gotten me down in the back and strained the shoulders. At least I showed the wisdom of my advanced age and let go of the rope. No back or shoulder problems for me, I smugly thought.

And I didn't have them the next day. But, the ligament in my left knee was another matter. Ouch. It's no fun getting old.

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  • I also had another lake-related malady that really ticked me off. Upon my return to country living, I learned a new trick -- Chigger Magic. It's a mixture of sulfur and baby powder that you simply sprinkle on your ankles.

It stops chiggers in their tracks as they climb upwards. It's so cool and I haven't had a chigger all summer despite hours upon hours in yards, gardens and hay fields.

But, that string ended, evidently because of one little trip into the woods around the lake house to gather firewood to rekindle the fire to cook shishkabobs with Saturday night. I wasn't in there for very long and was shocked by the flock of chiggers I woke up with Monday morning.

Not only did I learn the true magic of Chigger Magic, I also learned chiggers haven't changed their favorite places to reside. By the magic of another new-found chigger cure, this battle shouldn't last long either.

But, my big question is are chiggers bigger now? I've got some whoppers.

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