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Downtown restaurant robbed over weekend

January 22, 2003

A baseball bat-wielding masked man entered Walt's Pizza Cafe after closing time Saturday and robbed the restaurant of the night's receipts.

How much money was among the checks also taken from the cash register is unknown, according to the Baldwin City Police Department, which is continuing the investigation. Police Chief Mike McKenna said employees of Walt's gave a good description of the robber and he believes it will result in resolving the crime.

"We have some promising leads that we're following up on," said McKenna. "We're working on it."

The man, described as being between 5-foot-6 and 5-foot-10, didn't harm any of the four people in the restaurant, but he got their attention.

"The young man came in armed with a ball bat and had a mask on his face," he said. "He made the employees meet his demands, took the night's receipts and went out the back door.

"He made command to employees to get out of his way and lay down. He disappeared down the alley," said McKenna. "At this time the loss is undetermined, but it was a combination of cash and checks."

Walt Faber, owner of Walt's, said the incident occurred when an employee took trash out the back door after hours and didn't lock the door after returning. He said he's been pleased with how the police department has handled the investigation.

"I'm impressed with their effort," Faber said. "We're being more careful about taking the trash out. It's a small town, but you still need to be cautious."

The robbery occurred around 11 p.m. It was first such crime this year, but two armed robberies occurred in Baldwin last spring. The suspect in those crimes had a gun and still hasn't been found.

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