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Baldwin sees increase in single-family residence building permits in 2002

January 8, 2003

The number of building permits issued in Baldwin City in 2002 was higher than the previous year, which came as a surprise to city officials.

"I really didn't anticipate that big of a year," Jim Tarwater, building official, said.

Thirty-six single-family residence permits were issued during the past year, which was up from the 22 single-family residence permits issued in 2001. Tarwater said he had expected only 25 to 30 single-family permits for 2002.

"We had a strong start for 2002," he said. "It was during the summer months and early fall that things started to slow down. We had a lull for quite awhile on single-family starts."

Tarwater said there were a couple of factors that could be blamed for the slow down on permits issued.

"I think the economy change had some effect on us," he said. "And probably because the market was somewhat full had some effect too."

The number of two-family permits issued in 2002 also came as a surprise to Tarwater. Only five two-family permits were issued, matching the previous year's total.

"I don't know why two-family dwellings weren't higher," he said. "But I think we will see an influx in that in 2003."

He said he would also expect to see single-family permit numbers decrease for 2003, but it would be hard to know what will happen.

"It's just hard to speculate on the growth for 2003," he said. "You don't know what will happen."

Which is apparent from previous years. Thirty-nine single-family permits and 10 two-family permits were issued in 2000, 32 single family permits and no two-family permits were issued in 1999, and 25 single-family permits, 13 two-family permits and eight multiple-family permits were issued in 1998.

Tarwater said the more building permits that are issued, the more advantageous it is for Baldwin.

"The more population you have, the more it benefits the city," he said. "It broadens the tax base."

While there have been a number of permits issued, Tarwater said it will take awhile for the city to see the benefits.

"Because of the growth, the city has had to do a lot of improvements on infrastructure," he said. "Because of that, the growth hasn't helped much yet.

"We're at an awkward stage right now," he said. "This period of time as far as growth for Baldwin City is probably not as noticeable in gain as what it will be later. It will help, but the effect will be very gradual."

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