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It’s cold, but politics is heating up

February 26, 2003

Temperatures outside may be brutally cold, but the local political scene is starting to heat up.

The first sign of that was Saturday's town hall meeting where freshman representative Tom Holland, D-Baldwin, met with about 30 area residents at Baldwin Care Center. The turnout was good and the topics were interesting.

It was good to see our state representative meeting with the people, informing them about what's going on in Topeka and listening to their concerns. We hope Holland will continue the town hall concept throughout his term. He's already scheduled the next one for Wellsville on March 8 and says he'll do it again in Baldwin soon.

That's good to hear. Politicians need to listen to their constituents and they, in turn, need to stay informed about what is going on.

That also happens to be where we're at with the local races -- city council and school board -- that are just around the corner. Baldwin didn't have enough candidates for a primary, so now the sights are set on April's general election.

The Signal will be printing profiles on each of the candidates for school board and council. We will be informing people the best we can on how the candidates stand on various issues. Especially with school board and the budget cuts the district is facing, it's vital that voters know where the candidates stand.

To this point, the Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce hasn't indicated if candidate forums that were held in the past will again be offered. No other groups have indicated plans for such events either.

We hope that somewhere along the line in the next few weeks that there will be a public chance for voters to meet and hear the candidates. It's one thing to read about how candidates feel about an issue, but it's so much better to hear it and be able to look them in the eye.

There are tough choices ahead. We need leaders who will listen and make informed choices. Voters need the same.

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