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Chocolate Auction was sweet success

February 12, 2003

Another of Baldwin City's uniquely splendid events was on display again Sunday when chocolate and art lovers joined forces to raise money for the arts.

The 15th Annual Chocolate Auction, orchestrated once again by the Baldwin Community Arts Council, proved the combination of chocolate, art and Valentine's Day just around the corner makes for a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

It is also a great way to raise money. This year's effort netted $4,900, the most ever for the group. BCAC uses those funds for a variety of events, programs and scholarships throughout the year. It is money well spent to keep the Baldwin's fabulous arts community strong.

That money is used to fund one of BCAC's biggest and most popular events, the summer-long series of Art Walks held in downtown Baldwin on Fridays starting in June and lasting through September. The BCAC also uses the money to sponsor band concerts and college scholarships for Baldwin students.

But what separates the Chocolate Auction from other fund-raising events is the unique brand of fun it provides. There is chocolate in every imaginable form and plenty of art offered in both silent and live auctions. Participants scurry from table to table to check their bids.

However, the real show comes on when the live auction starts with local auctioneer Lester Edgecomb working his magic with the audience of bidders. It's always a lively time.

This year was especially interesting and Don and Ruth Ann Nutt stole the show with their usual generous support. There were numerous others who made their support of the arts obvious by putting their money where their mouths are.

Baldwin is lucky to have the BCAC and the group is lucky to have a community that supports it whole-heartedly. Thanks, again, Baldwin for making this such a wonderful place to live.

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