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Letters to the editor

December 17, 2003

To the editor:

Checking the weather early Wednesday morning on Dec. 3 brought a different kind of snow shower than I expected to see. The face that filled my television screen was none other than Baldwin USD 348 superintendent Jim White. I wondered what Channel 5 was dredging up about our community this time. Less than a week later, Kansas City Action News included a live remote from Baldwin in their Dec. 8 ten o'clock news.


I hope I'm not alone in being sick and tired of seeing television vans from Kansas City prowling the streets of Baldwin, especially around our schools, sticking their microphones in the middle of our school board table, looking for something juicy to serve up to metropolitan busybodies on the 6 o'clock news. We, the City, citizens and School District of Baldwin, are better than that!

We and our school district do not deserve to be scrutinized by the media. The trumped-up allegations of proselytizing in our schools resemble nothing so much as a vendetta. Isn't it interesting that until about three years ago this was a quiet town minding its own business? Then we had to have a "scandal" in our schools. Perhaps the ones who want to convince us that they are uncovering bad seeds in our community could use a little weeding out themselves. There is no hot bed of civil unrest roiling beneath the surface here. And those who are looking for one (or hoping to start one) should move on down the road.

Nancy Crisp

Baldwin City

To the editor:

First of all, I want to say thank you to the Coal Creek Gospel Hall for sharing the Lord's message with all of us in the Baldwin City Signal every week, and I want to thank Doug Mead for his excellent letter to the editor in last week's paper.

We are, indeed, in spiritual warfare, and Satan is definitely working overtime, especially targeting our educational system, for he knows, if he can turn our children away from believing in Christ, he will win our nation.

We celebrate Christmas because it is the birth of Christ. He suffered and died on the cross because He loved each one of us, and if we ask Him to forgive our sins, and accept Him into our hearts as our Savior, we will have eternal life.

Christian symbols and music can be used in our schools, as long as secular symbols, like Christmas trees, and songs like "Rudolph the Rednose Raindeer" are also included.

And our Pledge of Allegiance is part of our American heritage and we should be proud of our country. Why are we letting a few take these things away from our children? Have we no voice to let be heard? I stand beside you, Superintendent White, and am thankful you are in charge of our Baldwin schools. God bless you.

Janice Spear Craig

Baldwin City

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