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Playground equipment to soon be installed at new elementary

August 27, 2003

Students at Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center might not have a structure to climb and play on during recess, but that's not stopping them from enjoying their time outside.

"We were hoping to get the equipment in over the summer, but it didn't happen," BESIC Principal Tom Mundinger said. "But I don't think it's impacting school."

The equipment for the playground at the new elementary school has yet to be installed, but Supt. James White said he thinks the district's maintenance crew can begin building the structure in the next couple of weeks.

White said it had been the district's plan to have the playground equipment ready to use by the start of school, but the maintenance crew was kept too busy with other summer projects to get the job completed.

"The maintenance staff was involved in a number of projects and we just ran out of time this summer to get the playground in," he said. "As soon as we have the manpower and time, we'll get the playground equipment installed as quickly as we can."

Mundinger said not having the playground equipment installed was not causing any problems.

"Do I wish it was in? Yes. Is it in? No. Is it impacting school? No," he said.

When it is complete, the playground will be comprised of three sections -- a hard, asphalt surface, a soft surface, which will house the playground equipment, and a grassy area. Mundinger said the students are already using the grassy area for games like kickball and football and the hard surface for jump rope and four square.

He said equipment, like balls, cones and jump ropes, are brought out to the playground daily for the students' use.

Even though the equipment is not yet in place, White said he's sure the students are still enjoying recess.

"Some of the most creative games come from kids just going out and spending time on a playground together," he said.

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