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District to see changes in breakfast, lunch menu

August 6, 2003

Anita Faddis is excited about the changes being made to the Baldwin School District's menus this year, and she's sure students and parents will be pleased with the changes as well.

"We really are doing some exciting things," Faddis, the district's nutrition education consultant, said. "They will notice a difference from day one."

For the first time, she said, the district will eliminate all processed food from the menu, both for breakfast and lunch, and place an emphasis on an increase in dairy, grains and cereals and fresh fruits and vegetables.

"What kind of message were we giving young people?" she said. "That they should eat processed foods and still try to live a healthy life?"

She said more homemade soups, breads and sandwiches as well as raw fruits and vegetables will be offered.

Instead of purchasing processed foods, the food will be made on site, which Faddis said will allow the district to have the nutritional analysis for every meal.

"It's important we know what the students are eating," she said. "It's important the parents know what they're eating."

She said the changes will make it easier to meet the needs of students with special dietary requirements.

There will still be a salad bar, but she said the district will not provide ala carte anymore. Instead, the students will have more entree options.

"There's a lot more choices they can choose from than before," she said. "This will be more nutritious."

Faddis said she's pleased the district has made this commitment, and hopes the students and parents are supportive of the changes

"The important thing is that we've eliminated processed foods and we can offer documentation on everything we offer the child and how it benefits them," she said.

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