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Homemade device turns out to be big firecracker

September 18, 2002

What was originally reported to the Baldwin City Police Department as a pipe bomb that was thrown from a car window, turned out to be nothing more than a homemade firework.

"It was an innocent thing," Sgt. Colleen Larson said.

The young adult responsible for throwing the firework came forward and admitted to throwing the homemade device from a car window on Sept. 8 at First and Chapel streets, Larson said.

The cardboard device did not explode, but the Olathe bomb squad was called in to remove the device.

Larson said the firework was made from old fireworks and other materials like charcoal lighter fluid.

"It wasn't a traditional firework," she said. "It is still considered a homemade device, but it wasn't to the degree that would be considered a bomb."

She said since July 4, the BCPD has responded to several calls about people shooting off fireworks.

While the incident isn't considered a federal offense, Larson said it is possible the young adult could receive a citation for throwing the firework.

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