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Letters to the editor

October 30, 2002

To the editor:

The Baldwin City Community Theatre wishes to thank all those who participated and helped to contribute to this year's Terror Tracks 2002. Coordinators for this event say it was one of the best ever! According to the Midland Railway, the overall number of passengers this year also saw an increase.

Special recognition goes to Martha Wright and Tim DeMott, who served as joint project managers for this endeavor. They should be commended for coming up with this year's Renaissance theme to keep Terror Tracks new and exciting. We heard many enthusiastic comments from all ages.

Not all was new, some tradition from past years remained. In particular, the Headless Horse Rider is always a crowd favorite, as is Chainsaw Man.

We can't forget our important partners in this event. Without the Midland Railway there could be no Terror Tracks and that would be a sad loss for the community. A special thank you to Ernie Griffin, Director of Operations, and the many other individuals that keep this historic enterprise going. It is a special relationship that exists between our two organizations, and one that we hope lasts for many years to come.

Finally, we must recognize all of you in the community! Thank you to the 100 plus volunteers that came out and worked. We know many of you did double duty with Maple Leaf activities, and yet, you still found time in your busy schedules to help. Volunteers included local youth, some new faces and many returning individuals. Your willingness to support the Baldwin City Community Theatre and the Midland Railway is appreciated.

The success of Terror Tracks 2002 serves to demonstrate a strong community commitment for this annual event. Thank you Baldwin City for a job well done.


Baldwin City Community Theatre

Board of Directors

To the editor:

Thank you, Baldwin City! Your support of our just-completed annual mum sale made it a success. Despite rainy weather, all our mums and asters sold.

As a result of your support of our fund raiser, the Friends of the Baldwin City Public Library has made a gift of $5,000 to the library.

Our thanks to Enright Nursery, who provided the plants; Rick and Diane Dietz for the loan of the canopy, the many volunteers who took time out of their busy lives to assist in the sale; and to all of you who purchased plants. We hope your mums and asters reward you with many years of fall colors.

We are truly grateful for this community's continued support!

Susan Baker, president

Friends of the Baldwin City Public Library

To the editor:

It is time to think about the Veterans at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Veterans Medical Center at Leavenworth, who served our country in war. The American Legion Auxiliary supplies Veterans with gifts for their families at Christmas time at no cost to them and sends the gifts to their families for them.

Some suggested items are: jewelry, billfolds, towels, night gowns, sweaters, sweatshirts, blankets, flashlights, fishing gear, tackle boxes, pen and pencil sets, gloves, dolls, stuffed animals, games and baby gifts.

Comfort items for the Veterans are toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, powder, combs, brushes, shaving cream, Chapstick and Kleenex. Please remember that patients can not receive nor can we accept mouthwash, shaving lotion, cologne or denture adhesives. No glass items, please. Other items needed are baseball caps, white socks, shoe laces, stationery, cards, handkerchiefs, stamps, board games and jigsaw puzzles.

We also take cookies to the Veterans, any kind, as many as you can bake.

Please help the Veterans have a Merry Christmas. Donations can be taken to Ethel May Carlson, 118 Seventh St., Baldwin, by Nov. 15. Thanks very much.

Ethel May Carlson

American Legion Auxiliary No. 228

Baldwin City

To the editor:

I wanted to take the time to let people know how important it is to support our local businesses. We all should have done a better job of supporting our lumber yard, including myself. It was so handy and good for downtown business.

Local businesses pay Sales Tax and Commercial Rate Property Taxes that drive your taxes down. They also donate to all local needs such as Baldwin School District, Baker University, Cemeteries, City Needs, churches, as well as individuals who are having a rough time. It is so often that we overlook these things when we go shopping.

One way you can make a statement and make your dollars go further is to buy Baldwin Dollars at your local bank and spend them as your cash in Baldwin. Baldwin businesses are doing promotions to make your dollars worth more.

So as we go into the Christmas Season, let's all shop Baldwin first!

Bill Harmon

Baldwin City Chamber President

To the editor:

Saturday was a cold, very cold, and damp day, but the Baldwin sixth grade Wildcats were hot. Even though they came up a touchdown short on the scoreboard they were winners. Even though the temps were cold and the field was wet, they played their hearts out to the very end. I hope they All know how very proud we were of them. I know I would not have been any prouder if they had won, than I was at the great job they did out there on that field. So if you didn't get to go but happen to see one of these young players, you might tell them that you heard about the great game they played at the KU stadium in the "Toy Bowl" on a very cold and wet Saturday. They were hot! And we were proud!

Susie Lyon

Baldwin City

To the editor:

Thank you governor and Legislature for raising our sales tax, our gas tax, our cigarette tax and our title and registration fees on our vehicles. According to an article in the Oct. 18 issue of the "Lawrence Journal-World," three former governors and Governor Graves (all Republicans) state a tax boost is a must. I believe one article even stated that without a tax boost some contracts to be let by the Dept. of Transportation might have to be delayed.

It seems that some agencies within government are "sacred cows." Probably the best thing the new governor could do with the DOT is to put into effect a mandatory 25 percent reduction of linear mileage cost of road construction. One might be surprised how less the bids might come in.

To paraphrase William Jennings Bryan's famous "Cross of Gold" speech, one might say, "No longer shall you press upon the 'little person' this crown of taxes, so that the 'sacred cows' can receive their golden crosses."

I suggest you call the legislative library at (785)296-3296 and find out if your legislative candidate voted for any of the tax increases, and then you proceed not to vote for him or her. The same applies toward the stance of our candidates for governor with respect to tax increases.

Leo V. Kerwin


To the editor:

Our family would like to thank Kristen Dymacek, Baldwin City Signal writer for the fine article she wrote about the McMillen siblings and their birthday celebration. There were over 300 people who attended the birthday party at Ives Chapel. Friends and relatives shared wonderful memories of growing up in the Vinland Valley. The noise level from conversations and laughter was probably heard all over Baldwin City.

Many people commented on the article and the pictures that were in the Signal. Miss Dymacek spent the morning listening to the McMillen family share their stories and then condensed it into an interesting article to share with the community.

We appreciate the time and space the Signal gave to this celebration of ordinary people who are the "salt of the earth" in our community.

We also thank the people of Baldwin City and surrounding communities for attending the festivities, baking cookies, or sending cards and letters to make this celebration such a special day.

Thanks you everyone.

Becky McMillen

An outlaw of the Dale McMillen branch of the family

To the editor:

I have been a resident of this community for a number of years now, and my letter is written with great sadness about what happened last Sunday morning.

Every year, Baker University has its homecoming and graduation festivities and the local pub, The Saltmine, has its huge tent gathering that lasts into the wee hours of the morning. Alcoholic beverages are consumed and I am sure fun is had by all. And without fail the mornings after, my yard, as well as others, are littered with beer cans and bottles and who knows what else. I graciously, every year, go out and pick up any and all trash that has been thrown in my yard. Saturday night, I mean Sunday morning about 2:30 a.m., my wife and I were rudely awakened to loud screams and noises that sounded like things being broken, only to find out my yard and landscaping had been vandalized by the "party goers," those who participated in the homecoming festivities. I, for one, am not opposed to having a little fun, but when those involved are violating others property, then they have gone too far.

Do I need to patrol my own property into the wee hours of the morning to make sure this does not happen or is it the local law enforcement's job? Is The Saltmine, as a local Baldwin business, concerned about its local citizens or even the fact that they should serve responsibly to those patrons who might cause this sort of damage? Is the university concerned that its students are participating in this type of behavior?

I would think we, as taxpayers and local citizens, would want a local establishment to conduct business more responsibly. Maybe it is time for our local government to review the laws that surround a business of this nature and its location. It seems as though, with residential areas surrounding The Saltmine, maybe they would do themselves and the community a favor by relocating to an area of town that would not be so affected by the late night festivities.

Mike Everett

Baldwin City

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