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Thank you from Maple Leaf Committee

October 23, 2002

To the editor:

On behalf of the Maple Leaf Festival Committee, I would like to publicly thank the city employees, the local law enforcement officers, Baker University and the tireless efforts of hundreds of volunteers who contribute to the success of the festival year after year. Thanks to all of the local civic groups who work the booths and to the Boy Scouts and others who keep our fair city litter-free. Also thank you to all of the residents and Baker students; we appreciate your patience and understanding during Maple Leaf weekend. The festival is truly a community effort that benefits many civic and charitable organizations throughout the year.

During the past several weeks, it has come to our attention there are rumors circulating concerning the demise of the festival. As a committee, it is our intent to promote, organize and oversee the year-round continual work that a successful festival demands. It is often a thankless, stressful job, but all of us believe in the integrity and worthiness of the festival, and we are a committed bunch of people. We strive to work cooperatively with the city and many other groups. A festival of this size takes an enormous amount of planning and preparation. The Maple Leaf Festival is a hallmark event that other communities envy and it brings prominence and of course, revenue to Baldwin. The committee wishes to uphold our traditions of awarding funding to those that need it. In short, we want the festival to continue.

We always encourage anyone who wishes to get involved at any level with the festival to join us at our monthly meetings at the library on the first Thursday of the month. The best way to insure continued success is to be a part of it. Or contact any committee member; we welcome your input.

Baldwin is a very strong, caring, personable community. Those traits are here year-round, but they are especially evident the third weekend in October. Let us keep those traits alive and visible. Please continue to support and work for the success of the Maple Leaf Festival and the future of our community.

Thanks again Baldwin!


Star Novak

Publicity Chair

Maple Leaf Festival Committee

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