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It’s Maple Leaf time

Jets possible, anthem for sure at festival

October 16, 2002

If there are fighter jets flying over Baldwin as the Maple Leaf Festival parade unfolds Saturday, don't head for cover, it's just for show.

Arrangements have been made for a fly over to start the parade by a squadron based out of Topeka. However, given the current state of alert in the world, there have been no promises made. If the jets are available, they'll do the fly over. If they're not, they won't.

"We know it will be between 11 and 11:30 (a.m.) if it goes," said Sharole Prahl, Maple Leaf Festival chairman. "It will depend on the state of our nation and the world at the time. We'll just watch the nation's affairs and what's going on in the world and hope for the best.

"We have invited them to come and do this for us," Prahl said. "It is a planned thing ... if it happens. We'll start watching the sky to see what we can see. The parade starts at 11 a.m. regardless of whether the fly over happens or not."

Jocelyn Leonard will kick off the parade by singing the national anthem. Leonard caused quite a stir last year with her delivery of the song and brought a hush to the huge throng of parade watchers. If all goes as planned, the fly over would coincide with the national anthem. If not, the anthem will stand alone.

Other questions remaining for the 45th annual festival, which draws around 30,000 people to Baldwin every year, concern the fall foliage that the festival is based around and as always the weather.

"We've seen the leaves are just beginning to turn," she said. "We hope they get busy in the next few days to give us a good show. We're looking forward to celebrating the changing of the seasons."

It's still too early to tell about the weather, but it doesn't look like it's going to be hot.

"Everyone probably needs to bring sweaters. It might be a little cool," said Prahl.

For more information on the Maple Leaf Festival, see the special section devoted to it in this week's Signal.

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