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Letters to the editor

October 2, 2002

To the editor:

Well, here goes. It seems strange to take an application from someone who has a lawsuit against the city. What's wrong with that picture? Also, did one ever figure out that they want $100,000 for each day they were off? Do they think they are pro football players to ask for that much? How dumb.

Also, the city officials don't seem to be on the state about lights and the arrows that are placed wrong. I guess they are waiting for a fatality and not just wrecks. How ghoulish!

I guess our schools have so much money that they order sandwiches for the whole high school from a place here instead of letting the cooks fix them for what we have already paid. Can't afford a fan in the kitchen but can buy 400 sandwiches for the students from some business. No wonder our taxes are high in our district. There is a limit to some things.

I think we have enough eating places in town. Really, too many. Someone will suffer. It seems to be the thought. Downtown will be nothing soon. Progress is nice, but when it starts hurting the town, it's time to put the brakes on.

I may be forgetting something. If so, I'll be back.

Phyllis Hobson

Baldwin City

How sad. How unbearably disheartening. We are watching

our downtown disappear shop by shop.

First, our grocer and our pharmacists. Then our video

store. Now our lumber yard. Our downtown bank doesn't

even bother to stay open on Saturday anymore. On the

bright side, we could start selling tickets to the new

ghost town.

I know this may be natural. A downtown dries up and has to

be reconstituted. Add some interest ... add some flair and

voila, we're back in business. But this takes YEARS and

money and focus and thought and ... isn't that enough??

Why are we letting our city get to the point where we have

to double our efforts to reclaim it. Why are we waiting to

fix the problem? When are we going to start attending to

this? After we've lost all of the wonderful establishments

we have now? I don't want to lose Discoveries or Espress

Yourself or Solomons or Baldwin City Hair and Nail or any

of the other great businesses. I can get my car worked on,

my hair done, visit the post office, pick up a birthday

gift, chat with friends over coffee and never leave a four-block area. I can indulge in the arts, walk in the park,

pick up a Chinese dinner and bargain hunt at the antique

stores. Why would I want to give this up? We've already

lost too much.

I want to fight for my downtown. I want to make it

someplace that people STOP, not just pass through. And, I

can't believe I'm the only one. Aren't there more of me

out there? Aren't you mourning our loss?

I feel the city needs to have a focus and a plan. It's not

enough to maintain our infastructure and our police force.

We have to plan for our future. We have to MAKE a future

in our downtown. We'll have to spend money and energy and

time to make it happen. We have to convice people that

having a presence here will be worth the wait ... and then we

have to show them.

We have to SHOP here, folks. We have to choose Baldwin

FIRST. Not second after Lawrence or Gardner or KC. We

have to make the effort. And, if you think it's just too

much to ask, then don't complain when your property value

falls and you have to TRY and convince someone to live in

Baldwin. We have to EAT here. And, when we can't find what

we want here, we need to ask for it. Ask our city to

encourage new businesses. Offer low interest business

loans. Offer assistance to those trying to start new

endeavors. And, we have to stop encouraging the type of

business that leads people away from our downtown. In a

town this size, we can't duplicate our efforts. We need

different types of business and restaurants. Not the same

old, same old.

We need to do something and something always needs to be

done, too. It's never ending. But, we do it because we

care. I didn't move to Baldwin to build equity ... I moved

here to live. To stay and grow old and be proud of my town.

Anyone else?

Annamaria Evangelista-France

Baldwin City

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