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United Way goal nearly fulfilled

November 26, 2002

Baldwin City is almost to its United Way goal ... almost. Although the campaign is formally ended with Baldwin at 74 percent of its projected total, contributions can still be made and it's hoped the goal will be reached.

Paul Vander Tuig, Baldwin United Way chairman, said a recent push in donations brought the local total within striking distance of its goal.

"A couple of businesses really stepped up with some donations," said Vander Tuig. "Officially, Baldwin City is at $11,500 or about 74 percent. Probably the most important thing that people should know is that there is still time to give. Formal programs, mailings and campaign projects that United Way sets up have ended, but the results of the campaign will not be announced until Jan. 15."

People can make donations in a variety of ways. Donation forms are still available at Santa Fe Market and the Baldwin Athletic Club. Or, Vander Tuig encourages people to call the United Way at (785) 843-6626 with questions or contributions.

He also said this is a good time to think about the effort and what it means to the community.

"Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, I think because it always gives me a chance to reflect back on all the things that I am thankful for, and unfortunately sometimes take for granted on a day to day basis," said Vander Tuig. "I think my involvement with the United Way has been kind of an extension of this holiday for me.

"Without getting too philosophical, it has given me a chance to do and say some things that I might not normally have had the opportunity to do or say -- to individuals I may or may not even know," he said. "In looking at this campaign, I feel really good about what Baldwin City has been able to accomplish over the last several weeks."

He also feels that there's been better education this year about what United Way means to the community and how local dollars really stay put. Does he still want to make the goal of $15,615?

"Absolutely, but making the goal could probably be considered secondary if the people in Baldwin City have learned more about the United Way and all of the great things that it has done and will continue to be able to do with this year's and future support from all of us," said Vander Tuig. "As I've learned, the United Way -- and those donating to UW -- impacts the quality of life in Baldwin City in ways that most people will never know.

"It's an amazing organization. That's all I can say," he said.

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