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Back to ‘1776’

November 20, 2002

The lights went dark and a line of Congressmen entered the stage. It was a flash back to 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was first written. In fact, that's what the Baldwin High School fall musical "1776" was about. The story of America's independence took place Thursday through Saturday in the junior high auditorium.

"The show went incredibly well compared to what I was expecting," said junior Dan Hinton, who played John Hancock.

The cast felt good about how well they performed. Long night practices and outside efforts helped prepare the cast and crew for the performances that were ahead.

"We had a large cast so it was easier to sing in front of large groups of people," said Lindsay Gastelum who played Martha Jefferson.

The cast varied from first time singers, actors and actresses to extremely experienced performers.

"The diverse cast made the play a lot more interesting and fun to work with," said junior Danielle Reed, producer.

The audience also played a large part in how the performers did.

"We had a really good audience, they laughed in all the right places," said junior Jackie Robertson, student producer.

Director Sally Hoffsomer-Brechisen was in charge of keeping the cast members down to business.

"Twenty yards of lace doesn't go very far for the 18th-century man," said Hoffsomer-Brechisen.

The overall favorite song tended to be "The Egg Song" in which Brad Wilson, Dennis Craig and Daniel Musgrave did a kick routine and left the audience's sides hurting after rolling in their seats with laughter.

"The Egg Song cracked me up, it was great!" laughed Gastelum.

The play was a learning experience for all involved. It gave students something to do after school, and a chance to showcase and explore talents.

"It was fun and gave me something to do," said freshmen Rachel McClenahan.

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