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Letter to the editor

May 22, 2002

To the editor:
My Flag
My wife complained about my flag.
It's worn and frayed just like a rag.
I said, "Quiet woman. Don't you see
What that flag means to me?"

In '76 it was conceived
And in this nation men believed.
It stood for freedom and 'mid this strife
Sons and fathers gave their life

So their children could be free.
That is what it means to me.
And ever since we've had to fight
In order to preserve this right.

Countless men have bled and died
And those remaining stood with pride.
Through wars' tragic sight and sound
Our Stars and Stripes has stood its ground.

Far be it from me that I should brag.
I, too, have fought for that flag.
Now the fight comes to our door
And the "towers" are no more.

Long before that tragic day
My flag had flown every day.
Sure it's tattered, but I say
It represents the U.S.A.

Gailen Murray
Baldwin City

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