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89 seniors graduate from BHS

May 22, 2002

In the mess of toilet paper, silly string, bouncy balls, and mortar boards flying through the air on Saturday, there were 89 Baldwin High School seniors that kissed their days of high school good-bye.

Joyce Castle, a world renown opera singer who graduated from BHS, gave the commencement speech, speaking of the importance of friendships. Castle even blessed the class with a song, a piece from "Guys and Dolls."

"If you were my students I would tell you to sing with your own voice, sing your own song," said Castle, who now is a music professor at the University of Kansas.

Castle said she is proof of how true "getting by with a little help from your friends" is.

"She was great. Afterwards I told her she was very inspirational and she gave me a hug. I thought that was a nice gesture," said graduate Cassie Pahcoddy. "I thought the entire ceremony went very well. It went quickly and it was beautiful."

"I loved the speaker. She made it lively and I enjoyed it," said graduate Matt Gammon.

Senior Matt Noonan presented the class gift of "some trees" to be planted in front of the high school at a later date and Brett Myrick spoke on behalf of the class, mentioning the importance of friendships and joking about the school's great chicken strips. Supt. Jim White also wished the class well and thanked them for being a part of the Baldwin school experience.

"Graduation was the first step for many of us seniors. The ceremony was very special. Brett best expressed our feelings when he said it was our duty to maintain the friendships we developed at BHS," said graduate Adam Halford.

The seniors were excited about graduating and moving on with their lives.

"It was the best feeling of my life," said graduate Janelle Regnier.

"I mainly will miss friends and wrestling," said Gammon.

Many BHS faculty also commented on how accomplished this class was.

"This was a neat class with lots of leaders, athletic and academic," said BHS principal Allen Poplin. "It is a challenge now for classes to build on what the class of '02 started."

When asked what made this graduating class unique, track coach and math teacher Mike Spielman said, "the number of students who excelled at all areas of school, athletics, academics, music, and citizenship; the number of division one track athletes; and the athletic success as far as state championships."

"There were many scholars and athletes, but what impressed me was the number of really nice people," said French teacher Karen Moreau.

"They showed outstanding leadership," said social studies teacher Bob Martin. "They not only were a talented group, but they set examples for other classes to follow."

"They were a really good group of kids who showed outstanding leadership ability," said physical education teacher Bernie Bierman.

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