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Letters to the editor

May 15, 2002

To the Baldwin Community:

We, the members of the Relay for Life Committee, would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the citizens of Baldwin. Without your generous support, and the work of so many individuals, this event would not be possible. Your contributions both monetary and in other ways, reconfirms our beliefs that the smallest towns always have the largest and most unselfish hearts. Thanks to you we have raised almost $27,000 to help fight the war against cancer. Baldwin is truly a caring and giving community. Thanks again!

The Relay for Life Committee

To the editor:

Thanks to everyone involved in setup and participation in after prom and to those businesses and private citizens that donated to the event.

Citizens for Drug Conscious Baldwin

Colleen Larson, Chairperson

To the editor:

As the school year comes to an end, I would like to thank all of the people who have been involved in working out an agreement between Rainbow Preschool and Baldwin Elementary School.

Rainbow has been such a wonderful place for our children for so many years, it's going to be great that other families, like mine, will experience a nurturing, learning environment that will help prepare kids for grade school.

I know there are many community members like me who were either unable or chose not to participate on the committees during this year while trying to find a new home for Rainbow. Therefore, I would like to thank the numerous people, (I hope I don't leave anyone out!), involved in this undertaking. First, thank you to the teachers and board members at Rainbow. It was a tumultuous year for many people involved there and they need to be commended for stepping up to the challenge. Thanks to Susan Demarest for her many years of teaching, caring and for taking on the directorship; to Heather Brungardt, board president, who spent many hours in meetings and brainstorming about different locations that were possibilities and talking to so many different people; to all the other Rainbow board members and committee members for helping Heather on this knowing there were many different ideas was invaluable to Rainbow continuing; to the other teachers who kept things running smoothly for the children. Thanks to Linda Sledd, Grace and Darlene and to Christy Lund who stepped in during the year so the children would have a teacher on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Thanks to Jim White, Superintendent of Schools, and Tom Mundinger, BES Principal and all the school board members who recognized that although they were dealing with many of their own school issues, this was important enough to our community to allow Rainbow to utilize part of their building so the preschoolers could continue their education in a safe, fun environment. To the First Methodist Church for 30 plus years, thank you. It was scary to know the preschool would no longer be able to have a home there, but for the church and preschool, these changes will add a freshness to each of them.

Rick and I look forward, as our son goes to Kindergarten, to seeing other children enjoy Rainbow as much as he has and many children have.

Take time to thank these folks for their hard work and efforts it shows how much they care about our children's education.

Christina Madl

Baldwin City

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