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Letters to the editor

May 8, 2002

To the editor:

Friends of the Baldwin City Recreation Commission and the Baldwin City Recreation Commission would like to thank the following companies for their volunteer efforts to improve the park east of the Baldwin Elementary School. As we are sure you have all noticed, the fields have undergone a major "face lift." One that has improved their utilization factor and is already providing better practice and playing space for organized ball as well as spontaneous games by all members of our community. Soon we will see new benches added to the ball diamonds. These magnificent improvements could not have become a reality without the help of these companies.

Heritage Tractor, Inc. Donation of the use of a tractor/tiller to work 59 tons of sand into the two ball diamonds.

Scott Mock of Chubby's Welding Donation of square steel pipe and angle iron for construction of legs for park benches.

George Frank Construction Donation of wood, paint and building services to construct benches.

To all of you, our sincerest thanks!

Katie Skinner and

friends of the Baldwin City Recreation Commission

To the editor:

I was glad to see the city post No Parking signs on the south side of Fremont between Fifth and Sixth streets. I've turned off Sixth onto Fremont when both sides were lined with cars and almost came bumper to bumper with a pickup truck. There was barely enough room for two vehicles to pass.

As I said, I was glad. For about one and a half seconds, until reality hit me. This no parking zone wouldn't be enforced, either. In fact, there was a car parked right next to the No Parking sign.

For some reason, certain No Parking zones don't seem to be enforced. Elm Street from Fifth to Sixth, on the south side. Cars are frequently parked there. Fremont from First to Second on the north side, Second Street from Fremont to High on both sides, High Street from Second to Third, the north side is No Parking Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Drive by there anytime there is any event at the stadium and they're lined with cars. The yellow curbs on Eighth and Ninth streets between Dearborn and Grove often have cars parked there, but then, I guess it's legal when you turn on your emergency flashers. At least that's the impression you'd get when you see the cars there.

The one thing these locations seem to have in common is that they border Baker University (or affiliated) property. Is there some exclusion to the law that Baker gets? If we're going to have the law, enforce it. To everyone. If we're not going to enforce the law, get it off the books and stop wasting my (taxpayers') money by buying and putting up those signs.

I also have a suggestion. Rename Fremont from Second Street to Sixth Street as Baker University Speedway. That might give unsuspecting drivers approaching it a hint that there probably will be cars flying down it after practices at the stadium. If you approach from Third Street, you can expect quite a few cars to blow right past the stop sign, many of them not even pretending to slow down.

If I break the law, I'd expect to pay the consequences. If someone else breaks the law, they should expect to, also. It sure seems to me that this isn't happening.

Tom Beuthien

Baldwin City

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