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Letter to the editor

May 1, 2002

To the editor:

Once again, CFBC (Citizens for Baldwin City) is getting ready for the annual Independence Day Celebration and Fireworks Display. And once again, YOU have the unique opportunity to help the Baldwin City community come together and celebrate this important day together.

CFBC has been working this past year with projects such as Code Red for Kids at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Spring Beautification, A Community Brick Sale to benefit city parks, Spooks on Parade and a School Supply Drive. The group has also held several fundraisers to cover the cost of a community fireworks display.

CFBC sincerely believes the Independence Day Celebration is a tradition that will contribute to unite the Baldwin City community for years to come, but needs the help of everyone to stage this event.

As we prepare to organize this year's event, as always, we are asking for monetary donations to help with pyrotechnics classes, licensing, insurance and the fireworks themselves. We also encourage all clubs and organizations to participate by setting up food booths and helping with the games and events for the day.

We truly want this to be a Community Event.

Without your help, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make this project a reality. Last year's display was bigger and better than the previous year, and we would like to continue to make it so in the future.

Any contributions from you would be greatly appreciated and will be compensated in the form of public advertisement during the event and afterward. This is a great fundraising opportunity for all clubs and organizations in the city. Last year's attendance was estimated at around 1,000 people!

For information, call Dana at (785) 883-4994 or Donna at 594-6466.

Dana Robertson

President CFBC

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