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It’s a busy springtime

May 1, 2002

These are just a few spring time notes, stuff that's been piling up. Isn't that the way with spring-time projects?

First off is the weather. Haven't we had some weird ways? Must be Kansas. We were so dry, now we're pretty wet. We'll take more, although "careful what you wish for" always applies there.

Our good rain Saturday and then two days of sun made me think one thing I could feel the grass grow, couldn't you? Monday I could almost see it happening.

Luckily, I had mowed before the rain. But I really needed to be on the mower Monday or Tuesday. However, I had a newspaper to put out. By today, we'll be back in the rain if the forecasters are right. I'll be hay-bailing by Friday, probably.

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  • Spring time must mean the "Yard of the Week" will be returning, right? Well, maybe.

The popular product of the Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce hasn't been rekindled yet. And if it is, there will be change. Danny and Becky McMillen won't be judging again, Danny told me Monday night. They want someone else to do it.

That's understandable. The couple has done a fabulous job over the last two years in establishing the program. They put a lot of work into it. They'd like to see someone else take a turn.

We should all thank the McMillens for the wonderful job they've done in making Baldwin City a better place for their efforts. I hope someone will step to the plate and take over for them.

I'd also suggest their first choice as "Yard of the Week" is easy it should be the McMillens'. They always led by example.

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  • If you haven't heard, the city is offering free mulch. It's the leftovers from the devastating winter ice storm that left limbs and trees lying all over town. City crews picked them up and much of it was turned into mulch.

Now there's tons of it. Currently, the only available mulch pile is located at the city pool. Plans call for additional dump sites as well. It's not the highest quality mulch, but you sure can't beat the price.

My son Brett loaded up the little truck Sunday with a mulch cargo. There was a couple doing the same. I've seen several truck loads around town, so I know at least some people are aware of it.

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  • I've had numerous questions about the "rock" pile in our driveway. They're actually landscaping bricks that will be used on a project around back on our berm. It's the wife's project and she's lined up some of the best help in town to complete the project. It's the high school crew that hangs at our house. I'm not involved (I think). Should be interesting.

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  • This week's Signal is packed to the gills with news. The feature on Amy Wright is especially interesting and ties into this weekend's Relay for Life. May baskets have always had a soft spot in my memory. I remember making and delivering them when I was a kid. It's a tradition that's died out and I'm glad to see there's a revival in Baldwin thanks to Christy Carlisle.

Another story of note is on tornado warnings and what to do in town when the sirens sound. Normally, it would have been a front-page story. We were swamped with news this week, much like my basement was with water after Saturday's rain. That was lots of fun.

Hope you enjoy this issue. There's something for everyone.

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