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Rainbow Preschool has found new home

March 13, 2002

Rainbow Preschool found its proverbial pot of gold Monday night.

The Board of Education approved with a 7-0 vote a contract allowing the local preschool to meet at Baldwin Elementary School for $250 a month starting next school year.

"We're just very excited," Susan Demarest, preschool director, said. "We appreciate the school board's confidence in us."

Supt. James White said he was sure it was a situation that could work.

"We feel comfortable with it," White said. "We're meeting our needs first here and then whatever their needs are providing we have room."

Rainbow Preschool's new home comes after five months of searching for a new location to meet.

In October, the First United Methodist Church notified the preschool that, because of space concerns, it would need to find a new place to meet after nearly 40 years at the church.

"We've looked into every possible building opportunity. We've kind of gone the gamut," Demarest said. "We were pretty much at a point that there didn't seem to be any other feasible options."

But she said the board's approval left a lot of people feeling relieved.

"We had families that were quite distressed," she said. "But we had a lot of relieved moms coming in this morning."

The preschool will continue to meet at the church until school ends in May. Demarest said the preschool will make the move to BES sometime in July.

Even though the preschool will be located in BES, she said it will still continue to be a private, not-for-profit organization.

"It will still be run completely like it is now," she said.

Rainbow Preschool will pay the district $250 a month for a full-day program. The preschool's contract with the district is an annual contract and will need to be renewed by February each year.

Demarest said the preschool will begin enrollment for next year beginning March 25. New families can enroll beginning April 2.

She said she is happy the preschool, with the help of BES and the school district, found a new home and can continue to provide children with preschool education.

"It's been a really long process and we're glad it's over," she said.

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