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Letters to the editor

June 5, 2002

To the editor:

As a graduate from Baldwin in 1984, I've seen a lot of changes in this small town I love to call home. As it grows are we prepared for its growth ... I, as a father with two children, do not want

to see my kids to have to worry if the police department is more worried about protecting themselves then them. Are they so worried about a day or three's pay to really sue the city over this. Yeah, maybe they were wronged in some fashion but as my kids would say, "Smell what the reality is cooking." It is just plain sick to think as a citizen of this community that police above all can get away with this. Didn't they take a pledge to protect us, and aren't they suppose to stand by that pledge, no matter what. How does three days lost wages equal that much money? Aren't they already the highest paid cops in Kansas anyway, or so I've heard. Are they here for the sake of themselves, or are they here to protect the ones I really care about, the kids?

Guy Drum

Baldwin City

To the editor:

On May 29, the Rainbow Preschool moved into its new location at the Baldwin Elementary School. This would not have been possible without the following people sacrificing their time and effort:

Cindy Maroney, Mike and Jill Brungardt, Darrin and Misty Owings, Boyd and Christy Lund, Darlene Taylor, Darrell Griggs, Ed and Joanne Kite, James and Tricia Daniels, Alison Bovee, Patricia Hunninghake, Terry and Angel Fursman and Stephanie and Trina from Espress Yourself.

What a great group of people we appreciated all of your help!

Chris Griggs

Secretary, Rainbow Preschool

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