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4-H family readies for county fair

July 31, 2002

Every morning during the summer Cassidy, Ramie and Hunter Burkhart have to get up earlier than they would like. In fact, they are usually finished feeding, watering and milking their livestock before most of their friends have even made it out of bed.

"We have to get up so early," 8-year-old Hunter said.

The trio has to wake up around 8:30 every morning, which Cassidy, 11, stressed is an early time for summer.

"I would sleep until 11:30 or 12 if I could," she said.

But their early morning hours and their hard work will pay off this week at the Douglas County 4-H, FFA Free Fair.

The three Palmyra 4-Hers each entered several exhibits to be judged at this year's fair including goats, chickens, hogs, horses, clothing and citizenship and leadership. Cassidy and Ramie also entered arts and crafts and foods.

Even though the fair only lasts about a week, preparation for it lasts all year, often picking up in intensity during the summer months.

"We're working on something every day," Cassidy said.

Besides the daily care of their livestock, Ramie, 9, said they also have to handle and work with their animals to make sure they're ready for the judging arena.

"We've been getting the goats out and walking them around pretending they're in a class," she said.

Hunter added they have also spent a lot of time working with their horses, which he said he enjoys riding.

"We get to go fast," he said.

But the fair isn't just about livestock.

"We've been getting recipes out and baking them and trying them to see which ones we will take," Ramie said.

They also spent a lot of time working on leadership posters as well as their arts and crafts entries that included a centerpiece, a wreath, a flower pot and a patriotic doll.

Even though it might seem like Hunter, Ramie and Cassidy have their hands full, they do get some help from their parents, Stacy and Bob. Their younger brothers, Garrett, 4, and Hayden, 3, who are quick to say they will one day be in 4-H, also help out.

"It's very hectic and time consuming," Stacy Burkhart said about the fair preparation. "We try to be organized but it doesn't always work that way. But the kids do a pretty good job."

Even though this year's fair isn't quite over, Ramie is already looking ahead.

"Next year I want to do more things," she said.

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