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Theatre’s play ready for run

January 30, 2002

An unusual assortment of people makes a hospital a little crazier and funnier than usual in the Baldwin City Theatre's spring play.

"It Runs in the Family," by Ray Cooney, is a farce about life, Director Kathy Davis said.

"It's a hospital filled with an epidemic of unbridled lunacy," Davis said. "They're dealing with what happens in real life and having to handle it."

She said the 11-member cast, all Baldwin residents, has spent countless hours working on perfecting the production, which opens this weekend at the Baldwin Junior High School auditorium.

"A farce is probably one of the harder plays to put together because of the necessity of timing," she said. "It's taken a lot more from the actors, more of their personal time."

But Davis said it helped having a veteran cast on stage. All of the actors have been involved in at least one other Baldwin City Theatre production.

"We even have two players that have been on board since the conception of the theater Mike Swan and Bill Gray," she said.

But it's not just the actors that have been working a number of hours. She said there have been numerous people working on the lights, sound, props and the set.

Four Baldwin High School students, led by Kate Richard, have been in charge of the production's artistic design, Davis said.

"This group of girls is just awesome," she said. "The way they interacted with each other, they're just a great group of girls."

She said Baldwin City Theatre also received a lot of assistance from BJHS.

"Finding a facility is always a challenge," she said. "But they were willing to work with us."

Davis said viewers will be pleased with the comedic aspect of "It Runs in the Family."

"It makes you laugh," she said. "It just makes you chuckle from deep down."

Another reason Baldwin residents will enjoy the play, she said, is the chance to watch their peers in action.

"That's a big part of it," Davis said. "And having someone in the audience appreciating their talent as an actor or actress is just neat."

Tickets for the play are $7 for adults and $5 for students.

Show times, which are a little different from previous years, are 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday and then again Feb. 7 and Feb. 9. There is also a 2 p.m. showing Feb. 10. Senior citizens can get a sneak preview of the production tonight at 7.

"They're going to have a great show whenever they come," Davis said.

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