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Baldwin City Web site almost ready to view

January 30, 2002

Information about Baldwin City will soon be available at anyone's fingertips.

The city's new Web site, located at, will be online starting next week.

Baldwin City Council Member Todd Cohen said it was time the city had its own Web site.

"Basically, if you're anybody, you have a Web site," he said. "That's true of cities no matter what your size."

He said the city's goal is to be able to help residents find out what's going on in Baldwin.

"It's an excellent way to provide people access to city government," Cohen said. "We've reached the electronic age. It's a matter of convenience and modern communication."

He said the site is designed by Baldwin resident Chuck France, developer for the local Gadget Group.

"We're very grateful he agreed to do this for free as a public service for the city," Cohen said. "They are top notch designers and I'm willing to bet this will look better than most sites."

Gadget Group spokesperson Annie France said the site that will be up next week is just the first phase of what the city hopes to accomplish.

"Right now, it's a very basic design," she said. "Over the next year, we're hoping to progress the ability to do things online."

During the first phase, France said viewers will be able to see the design of the site, find out how to contact the city and see some links.

She said future plans for the site could include the ability to register dogs online, view city council agendas and minutes and review and pay utility bills.

Cohen said he hopes to see the site develop into something residents visit frequently.

"We eventually want this to be a resource," he said.

Even though the site will be online next week, he said changes will continue to be made.

"People need to realize this is a work in progress," he said. "And the city is certainly looking for feedback. If there are any suggestions, drop a note by city hall."

Cohen said he encourages people to visit and use the site often.

"This is something Baldwin City can be proud of," he said.

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