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Market prepares to make move

January 16, 2002

The Baldwin City Market is moving.

No longer will the grocery store be at its downtown location where it has been for a little more than 30 years.

But it's just moving a few blocks north from its current location to a new, larger store.

Owner Jeff Simpson said the new Baldwin City Market, 112 N. Eighth St., will open Jan. 30 after about nine months of construction.

"Everybody's ready. Everybody's excited," he said. "I probably answer 100 times a day the question 'When are you opening?'"

But the doors won't just be opening on a new grocery store. Also located in Baldwin City Market will be Roberts Pharmacy and a branch of the Baldwin State Bank.

"We knew we wanted that when we moved over here," Simpson said of the bank and pharmacy additions. "It's convenient. People can do everything at once."

The addition of the pharmacy and bank aren't the only changes to the new Baldwin City Market. One of the most noticeable changes, he said, is the size of the 20,000-square foot store.

"The size of the store is doubling," he said. "Everything will be expanded."

One of the biggest expansions, Simpson said, is the frozen food section, which will increase from the current 18 freezer doors to 40 freezer doors and an aisle freezer.

There will also be an expansion of the cold deli and the addition of a small bakery, he said.

Also available will be a bigger selection of foods in stock, he said.

"We have twice as much space," he said. "We're going to stock a lot of new items."

A chance for a larger grocery store in Baldwin was one of the main reasons Baldwin City Market decided to move, Simpson said.

"The town is growing," he said. "If we didn't do it, somebody would have come in here and built one."

He said the location of the new store along U.S. Highway 56 will be convenient for a lot of Baldwin residents.

"These days people are pressed for time," he said. "Now people going to and from work can just zip off the highway."

Even though most of the equipment in the store along the highway is new, Simpson said there will be one day, Jan. 29, when there won't be a Baldwin City Market open in Baldwin.

"Baldwin will be without a store for one day at the most," he said. "There is some minor stuff we have to move. Hopefully everybody will understand we have to close for a day to do that."

He said he knows Baldwin residents are ready for the new Baldwin City Market to be open for business.

"Everybody's been real patient," Simpson said, "but they're ready for it to happen."

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