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Cold can hurt home pipes, too

January 9, 2002

It's not just the city workers that have to worry about cold temperatures affecting water pipes.

Baldwin City residents also need to keep an eye on their water pipes when the temperatures drop below freezing.

Assistant Utility Director Bill Winegar said there are several methods people use to keep their pipes from freezing, but not all of them are the best.

"Some people leave the water running. Running water generally won't freeze," he said. "But it's kind of hard on the water bill. It's just not that economical."

Even though its common for some people to use heat tape on their pipes, he said its not a method he recommends.

"I don't promote heat tape. It's dangerous, a fire hazard," Winegar said. "But sometimes that's the only choice you have."

He said if there are problems with pipes freezing under the kitchen sinks, keep the cabinet doors open.

"Leave cabinet doors open to allow the heat to get back to the pipes," he said. "That will help."

One of the best ways to keep pipes from freezing, Winegar said, is to use insulation.

"If you insulate the pipes from the outside that helps," he said. "There's no substitution for good insulation."

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