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City to survey opinions about services offered

January 2, 2002

So you think there's a problem with your electricity. Or maybe it's the cable service you don't like. Or maybe there are no problems at all and you are pleased with all of your services.

Well, the city would like to know.

In the next couple of weeks, every house in Baldwin City will receive a survey in the mail with 29 questions relating to services the city provides or contracts out to other companies.

"It's a customer satisfaction survey," Council Member Todd Cohen said. "We want to know how we're doing."

Baker University has been assisting the city with the survey at no cost, he said. Professor Tim Buzzell put the survey together and all of the results will be recorded by professor Robert Fraga's math class.

"That's most of the cost of a survey," Cohen said. "Baker's doing it for free. They are really helping us out."

He said the two-page, check-the-box survey, which includes questions about all the city services including water, electricity, cable and trash services, should take about 10 minutes to complete.

The results from the surveys will help the city see what areas need improvements, he said.

"This is a good way to rate services. In a sense, this is a score card for city services," he said. "It should help us to set goals and priorities."

Also included in the survey, Cohen said, will be a section of demographics questions including items like shopping, commuting and Internet access.

"It's to give us an idea which way the community is oriented," he said. "So we'd know what kind of services you'd love to have."

In order for the survey to be a success, he said every house needs to complete and return it to City Hall or in the mail with the enclosed stamped envelope.

"A high response rate is key," he said. "We need a high response rate to make it usable.

"Even if you feel great about everything, we need you to fill that out too," he said. "We just need some candid responses."

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